Dr. Franjo Tuđman

„A total capacity of the hostel is arranged through 5 double and 2 single suites, 55 single and 278 double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom. 6 adapted rooms have been ensured for people with disabilies.

For the praccal necessies of life, a bank and a mini market are located in the building of the hostel while a large parking greatly facilitates access to the hostel. The hostel is the perfect place for organizing conferences, seminars and various banquets. With rooms and halls which offers, and due to the proximity of the town centre and quality of its services, the hostel “Dr. Franjo Tuđman” fits right into the tourist offer of the region.

Excellently equipped fitness gym, one closed sports hall and 2 outdoor sports courts offer to every guest a possibility of quality recreaon and care for their physical condion, while 3 kitchenees and 10 "classrooms" (rooms) intended for socializing can be interesng places of social interacon among groups of guests. Charmingly designed café “Tinel”, located in the same building, is intended for moments of break, and to compensate energy lost during a variety of acvies you can enjoy our restaurant with two self- service lines and a pastry shop.

Price list

Prices of turist services from 01/03/2016.

Category rooms Price
1/1 room with air conditioning 265,00 kn
1/2 room with air conditioning (per person) 195,00 kn
1/1 room without air conditioning 210,00 kn
1/2 room without air conditioning (per person) 160,00 kn
1/1 apartment 380,00 kn
1/2 apartment 265,00 kn
Meal Price
Breakfast 35,00 kn
Lunch 50,00 kn
Dinner 45,00 kn